Donuts are in our DNA.

Since Evan was a kid growing up in Bend, he was a frequent flyer to his hometown donut shop. When he married Krystle and they had their three kids, donuts quickly became their family’s favorite treat.

About 10 years ago, they dreamed of starting a family business, and naturally, they turned to donuts.

In 2018 they felt Boise was ready for a different kind of donut company. The people and the city of Boise were the catalyst to follow their creative and professional dream and Mission Donut was born.

Evan and Krystle spent months brainstorming ideas about how to create a unique, high-quality donut with a distinctly Idaho appeal that focused on a fun customer experience.

After months of testing, and eating LOTS of donuts, they were finally able to dial in the right mix with no artificial ingredients. Shout out to all the friends and family members who ate many good and not-so-good donuts throughout the process.



List maker. Outdoor enthusiast. Occasional napper. Fueled by coffee. Inspired by people.

Krystle is a creative that is proudly raising three wild boys. She loves God and loves people. She is aspiring to be at peace with the unknown and the unknowable.

Favorite Donut Flavor: Cinnamon Sugar




Dreamer. Goofball. Loyalist. Believer in positivity. Driven to make a difference.

Evan is a troubleshooter trying to keep things working smoothly both in the business and at home (tough with three boys!). He loves learning and teaching. He is working to find a balance between cautiousness and rebellion.

Favorite Donut Flavor: ALL OF THEM...Maple Sugar