Our customers are fantastic and engaged - we love that! We believe in being transparent about our business, so below are responses to our most frequent questions. Check back often because we’ll be adding as we go!

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash and all major credit/debit cards, including AMEX. We are not able to accept any checks.

You use potato flour - are your donuts gluten free?

Our regular donuts are not entirely gluten free, they do contain some wheat flour. However, we worked diligently on our gluten free recipe to make sure it was just as tasty as our original mix and are making it available on certain days. We are calling the donuts gluten friendly because although the mix has all gluten free ingredients, it is prepared alongside our original donuts. We do also fry the gluten friendly donuts in fresh oil before the original donuts. Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates on when you can get our gluten friendly donuts!

Do your donuts contain nuts?

Our donut mix does not contain nuts and we use soybean oil to fry the donuts. However, we may periodically use nuts as part of a seasonal topping.

Do you do events/catering?

Yes - we love doing events! Please fill out the catering form, which can be found by clicking on Catering under the Order page.

How do I order donuts?

For large orders and special events please fill out the catering form, which can be found by clicking on Catering under the Order page.

For everything else, we have ONLINE ORDERING! You can order online by clicking here —> Order Online.

Can I get donuts delivered?

We currently offer limited deliveries within Boise. Our minimum order is a 25-pack and we charge a small delivery fee depending on the distance from our HQ.

For larger orders, office orders or special events/occasions, we try our best to accommodate deliveries outside of our announced dates/times. Contact us to find out more!

When is pick up and delivery available?

We typically offer pick up and delivery on Friday and Saturday mornings. Our delivery availability is linked in our online ordering platform. If we have special events or office deliveries during the week we will open up for pick up and/or delivery. We announce in advance on Facebook and Instagram if we are offering special hours.

Why aren't you open more often (days/hours)?

We are in start-up mode, running as lean as possible and trying to be open as much as we can. We are being careful in how we grow in this transitional stage from being home-based to opening a physical location (hopefully in 2019). We are focused on our long-term goal to create a sustainable business which can provide as many jobs as possible for our fellow Boisians. Our boys would love if we made donuts more often (so they could eat more!), but we also want to make sure we prioritize family time.

Why don't you [insert amazing idea]?

We may have already thought it, but love to hear the incredible ideas our customers have! Some may be realistic, some not so much, but please use our contact form and send us your recommendations - we update our FAQ regularly, and your questions/comments/suggestions always help that process.