A modern twist on the classic American treat.

When we set out to craft our own donut mix, it was very important to us that we used only natural ingredients. We immediately threw out the idea of using a commercial mix because of the artificial flavors and preservatives.

After A LOT of trial and error, we hit the donut jackpot: a mixture with no artificial ingredients and key ingredients sourced directly from Idaho, including world-famous Idaho potatoes.

Why potato donuts?

Potatoes bring a slightly darker color with a surprising crunch on the outside while remaining a bit lighter and fluffier than typical cake donuts on the inside. The potatoes help absorb moisture and are stiff enough to hold air, both of which are ideal conditions for quality donuts, especially when hot out of the fryer.

Characteristically soft and tender, with a hint of spice, potato donuts lack the heaviness often associated with cake donuts, and they don’t dry out as quickly.